New Look Laser College - the World's only school offering courses in only laser tattoo removal training.  Please call 281-846-5890.

Laser tattoo removal training is a popular new course offering for medical professionals, astheticians, and other laser specialists seeking to add to their skill set.  New Look Laser College specializes in training for laser tattoo removal.  New Look's laser instructors have years of experience providing laser tattoo removal treatments and owning and operating laser clinics offering this treatment. 


If you are looking for a tattoo removal school, tattoo removal education, tattoo removal college, tattoo removal training, laser tattoo removal training, or laser education, New Look Laser College is your best option for several reasons:  (1) guaranteed hands-on training; (2) instructors who are experts in both operation of tattoo removal lasers and also the business end of medical clincs; (3) laser focus in laser tattoo removal training.


New Look Laser College offers its students guaranteed hands-on experience with tattoo removal lasers.  Many schools mention that hands-on training with lasers is an element of their program, but too often students walk away unsatisfied with little to no hands-on experience.  We guarantee that you'll have completed 10 hands-on laser treatments by the time you've finished our laser tattoo removal training program.  


Some of our students have extensive experience in medicine, whether as health practitioners, researchers, administrators, or other roles.  Some of our students have experience with creating tattoos.  Others have a varied background with no experience in medicine or tattooing but a strong desire to learn laser tattoo removal.  We love having students from a variety of backgrounds - it makes the learning experience richer and each is able to bring something different to the table.  Our laser school welcomes anyone who wants to make tattoo removal a success in their community.  


Part of the laser tattoo removal training experience is hands-on interaction with patients.  New Look Laser College offers 10 hands-on training procedures with real patients under the supervision of our instructors.  


Laser safety training - New Look Laser College offers laser safety training as part of our laser tattoo removal training program.  Having completed laser safety training is a requirement of many states before a practitioner is able to perform laser treatments. We'll review the risks of different classes of lasers and how to manage and eliminate these risks through adherence to safety protocols.  While our students are performing hands-on procedures, we continually review these laser safety guidelines so our laser training students are accustomed to building safety into their practice after completing our laser training course.